Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Facets of Truth

I like truth. I like to know how things work. I like to know what is real and what isn't. I like to know if there's a best solution to a problem and if so, what it is. I like to know when it's best to hold on tight and when it's best to let go. I like to know what will help and what will hurt. And all of this has led me to search for truth and ask many questions.

With this first post, I'll explain why I've chosen to share what's on my mind.

I once saw a bumper sticker that cynically asked, "If Jesus is the answer, what was the question?" The things I just listed are these questions, and there are many more. I've found the answer is Jesus of Nazareth - and it's no cliché to say that he is the truth.