Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dr. Michael L. Brown on Whether The Church Should Focus on Spiritual or Social Issues

When there are ills in a society, is it the Church's role only to spread the gospel so that Jesus will change people from the inside? Or is it also appropriate for the Church to expend resources to influence culture, politics, and other social structures?

In other words, to stop human trafficking, should Christians only pray and try to introduce human traffickers to Jesus, or should Christians also work through media to expose the problem, through the justice system to ensure that human traffickers are deterred and prosecuted when caught, and through the social systems to rehabilitate those rescued?

In a recent commentary article at the World Net Daily, theologian and radio host Dr. Michael L. Brown writes that the answer is both, but held in a certain tension. This tension pays close attention to the emphasis with which we do each. Here is an excerpt:

* * *

So yes, it’s true that our great mission – called the Great Commission – is to go and make disciples.

The question is: How do disciples live?

Once we have become followers of Jesus, how does that impact the rest of our lives? What should our marriages and families look like? What values will we embrace? What kind of people ought we to be?